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Accelerating growth for SMBs like Morris & Piper Advisory

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Morris & Piper Advisory has over 30 years’ experience formulating, designing, and administering government grant programs for communities across regional and remote Australia. M&P Advisory supports communities seeking grant funding by advising, writing, and preparing for funding opportunities. The business also works with government agencies to ensure grants programs are designed in a way that maximise impact and return on investment for communities. 

The challenge

M&P Advisory engaged Evolve&Amplify to articulate their unique value proposition to the market and design a strategic growth plan to help achieve their vision. After achieving steady organic growth in their first year, the M&P Advisory team set their eyes on how they could expand access to their unique value proposition into new regions and markets. 

The approach

This interview reflects on the strategy journey that M&P Advisory were guided through by Evolve&Amplify. Watch the video.

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