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To solve tomorrow’s complex business challenges today, we deliver strategy reinforced by evolved capability. Our clients are empowered by new and meaningful direction, and perhaps more importantly, by the tools we provide to achieve their goals and delight their markets.

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About us

We enable organisations to evolve, amplify and thrive

We are a problem-solving advisory delivering executable strategic advice underpinned by powerful capability.

We solve complex business problems

Growth - Solving for scale

Growth represents an opportunity and a threat. Business architecture puts all of the necessary tools and enablers in place, ahead of time, to ensure the organisation is thoroughly prepared for the challenges success brings. Rather than being overwhelmed when growth ambitions are realised, the business can scale with confidence.

Transformation - Responding to change

Transformation is not a single effort, a unique project or a new technological platform. It is a constant reality of every aspect of business, one that must be planned, designed and prepared for as strategic goals are developed and new opportunities identified. Capabilities around transformation are not just relevant, they’re essential.

M&A / Acquisitions - Access new opportunities

Few aspects of business are more thrilling in terms of growth or more fraught with risk than mergers and acquisitions. For a positive outcome, the undertaking demands experience. Evolve&Amplify removes the complexity of this powerful process, providing clarity, conviction and confidence for all stakeholders.

Policy & regulation - Enhancing government impact

Real-world problems are only ever solved by relevant and functional public policy. Governments at all levels are judged on their ability to solve real-world problems. As expectations change dramatically, as data informs excellent decisions and as ever-greater focus falls on publicly-funded agencies, we remove complexity to enhance the impact of policy makers.

Governance & compliance - Meeting expectations

In a business environment in which compliance issues are attracting increasing focus, and where breaches are harshly punished by authorities and the market, best-practice governance is not optional, it’s a must. We build into our client businesses the capability to comfortably ensure compliance, enabling greater flexibility, creativity and agility.

Customer Experience - Brand Engagement

The pandemic has raised the bar for firms to be more agile, collaborative and highlighted the need to straddle and fluidly switch between traditional and digital business models. As customers fluidly switched between channels of interaction, the need for omnichannel personalization, automation and scalability is more urgent than ever before.

Our services

Why Evolve&Amplify?

Evolution is life’s greatest accomplishment and its richest reward.

We help your people and your organisation reflect, recalibrate, evolve and amplify. Saying hello to tomorrow enables our clients to make evidence based strategic choices, de-risk, scale, grow and differentiate from competition. We do this by identifying the delta between current state performance and future-state capability building, today.

Business architecture

Evolve&Amplify bridges strategy to execution with business architecture perspectives that help clients to take the simple steps required to effect real change

Multidimensional business views of capabilities, end-to-end value delivery, information, and organizational structure provide an abstract representation of an enterprise and the business ecosystem in which it operates. Put in context of the client’s business model design, business architecture enables an effective communication and analytical framework for translating strategy into actionable initiatives.

Financial Asset Management Advisory Services

Evolve&Amplify are uniquely positioned to help our clients leverage their strengths, strategy and scale to raise capital, acquire or grow

We are highly skilled and targeted in our approach to M&A, capital raising and formal valuations bridging the gap between corporate advisers and traditional brokers. E&A provides executable asset management advice using multidimensional views of the business, it’s capabilities, value streams and contextualises this to your business operating model design. We provide the framework for analysis that informs strategic options, investments, risks, costs which simplify financial asset management simplifying the M&A and joint ventures process.

Strategic marketing. Customer Experience Management.

E&A enables clients to achieve transformational growth through omnichannel marketing, seamless CX and exceptional brand development that sits within a clear strategic focus.

Continuous innovation of a business model requires a strong understanding of customer segments, value proposition, product and market fit of your offering and how to position a brand for success. We view the brand as a living and breathing, strategic asset that helps to shape the customer experience, drive differentiation and leverage measurable value to achieve disruptive growth. Architecting for success enables you to build a business case for growth, elevate your brand and enable new customer segments and future revenue streams.

Human Centred Design

At Evolve&Amplify we use human-centred design to solve complex problems and accelerate ideas to bring value to our clients and their customers.

Our design mindset aligns products, services, strategies and business models with the needs and desires of human beings. We bring a range of human-centred design capabilities spanning across design research, service design and digital product design. We collaborate and co-design with people at all stages of the design process ensuring that we deliver valuable experiences, greater stakeholder buy-in, and impactful outcomes.

We straddle the entire strategy to execution spectrum.

to Strategy

We partner with your leadership team to develop an understanding of the motivations that power the organisation’s existence and the behavioural drivers of the customers they serve. Together, we develop strategies that offer clarity, are actionable and can be measured.

to Design

A strategy that delivers on its objectives should drive the design of your organisation, ensuring you’re building on solid ground and constantly improving the way you create and deliver value to customers through capability-based planning.

to Execution

We’ll make sure your strategy and capability needs are crystal clear and can guide the design of your operating model. We avoid static models at all costs, hooking into the evidence we surface to inform your investment decisions in real-time.

to Execution

We’ll make sure your strategy and capability needs are crystal clear and can guide the design of your operating model. We avoid static models at all costs, hooking into the evidence we surface to inform your investment decisions in real-time.

Our Work

Evolved thinking. Amplified results.

What differentiates us is our innate ability to harness the power and possibility of tomorrow to create compelling outcomes for our clients, today. Here are a few of our success stories. They demonstrate the power of strategic capability building to enable evolved ideas to take shape, resulting in the amplification of our clients’ success.

Our clients

We work with public, private and not-for-profit organisations to deliver executable strategic advice and build powerful, essential capability to create tomorrow’s success, today.

Our partners

We partner with several exceptional organisations that enable us to broaden our offering and provide greater value to our client engagements.

Culture & Careers

What does it mean to be a part of E&A?

Working at Evolve&Amplify means working as part of a purposefully small, supportive and passionate team of business architects, strategists and designers.

Do you have what it takes?

We solve complex, real-world problems and always welcome contact from exceptional people. Could that be you?

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