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Implementing a New Whole of Government Security Policy Framework

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What we achieved

E&A partnered with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to implement and operationalise the Hosting Certification Framework. The framework ensures technology service providers and hosting arrangements comply with data sovereignty, ownership structure, liability, supply chain and transparency arrangements specified by the Australian Government.

Key outcomes

Business Architecture

Industry Research & Engagement

Operating model Design

The challenge

The Hosting Certification Framework is a new Whole-of-Government policy developed in 2020 and implements outcomes mandated in the Australian Government’s Hosting Strategy. The policy required a new business function to implement and operationalise its policy objectives in scalable and sustainable way.

The approach

We adopted a business architecture approach to identify the capabilities required by the new whole of government function. We designed the target operating model to support the implementation of the policy and ongoing compliance. We drew upon our human centred design expertise to engage across industry and government. 

The outcomes of our research generated insights into how the policy could be implemented successfully.  We worked closely with legal experts and compliance representatives to inform the design of the business and operating models.

The outcomes

We designed the target operating model by defining how the new function delivered value, the products and services that need to be administered, and the capabilities required to bring the business to life.

We painted a picture of the future-state with rich definitions of what good looks like to enable portfolio investment prioritisation and decision-making.

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