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Transforming a leading airline’s digital experience

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What we achieved

How do you support a tier one airline’s plans to reinvent its digital channels? You start by looking forward at what the desired customer experience needs to be and work out how we might get there using an agile approach. Given that COVID had set the entire airline industry back a fresh look at the landscape was required. Cutting edge psychographic research helped reveal insights that would help us reimagine the airlines customer experience. And with th ehelp of a multi-functional team we stiched product, CXM and technology strategy together. This was underpinned by multi-dimensional business architecture views, capability and maturity modelling to deliver end-to-end executable strategic advice that the airline is implementing today.

Key outcomes

Psychographic Research insights

cXM Strategy & Platform

Business Architecture Led Executable Advice

The challenge

Prior to COVID, the airline (let’s call it ‘Air X’ for confidentiality) was losing market share in North America to competition. Customer experience needed to be improved and Air X’s leadership team needed ‘executive level’ digital strategy support to help inform and steer high priority, in-flight CX/CRM programmes (Customer Exeprience) / (Customer Relationship Management) and technology acquisitions (e.g., CMS tooling and vendor selection).

The approach

Evolve&Amplify was brought onboard to manage an eleven-member team across four time zones (Australia, Asia, Europe, USA). The team was tasked with conducting primary research, collaborating with cross functional teams at Air X, to develop new product offerings and re-architect the enabling digital operating model.

The outcomes

The end outcome was a robust implementation plan and the establishment of a PMO that could execute on the component parts of the target-operating model design. The change management program called SHIFT encompasses three pillars of personalisation, heartfelt delivery, and digital-first enablement. This is a long-term digital re-invention project that will end by end-2023.

Most importantly, the airline emerged from COVID, with a new digital leadership, an FY 22-23 strategic plan of action and the ability to:

  • Focus on growth and new passenger demographics supported by rich psychographic research profiles and multi-dimensional passenger personas
  • Leverage insights and moments that matter to engage key audiences during the customer journey 
  • Deliver personalised, digital-first customer experiences via key touchpoints
  • Enable omnichannel communications, marketing campaigns and personalised digital experiences
  • Shift to an agile ‘always-on’ digital model that meets customer expectations for the Air X brand 

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