Establishing the Digital Transformation Agency’s new Digital Investment Management Office (DIMO)

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The Challenge

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) was tasked with setting up a Digital Investment Management Office (DIMO) following a ministerial announcement in 2016.

DIMO would perform a centralised governance function to oversee high profile digital investments across the Commonwealth Government. However, as a completely new business area, it faced a number of key challenges…

  • No centralised governance in place
  • Operating model unclear
  • Required capabilities undefined

Overcoming these difficulties was essential for DIMO’s initial and ongoing success. DTA engaged E&A consultants to design DIMO’s operating model and define and assemble the required business capabilities.

Defining the Problem Space

We applied contemporary design thinking and business architecture methods to define the problem and understand the outcomes that DIMO needed to achieve.

We produced the design plan for the new governance function that helped produce DIMO’s target-state operating model.

We applied industry best practice techniques to define DIMO’s inputs and strategic objectives. We then illustrated how these motivations influenced the core business activities by constructing a value chain.

Assembling the Business Capabilities

Through close collaboration with DIMO team members, we defined and assembled the required business capabilities that would underpin each core business activity. As a result, the business produced a work plan that detailed capabilities to be uplifted and those to be acquired.

We worked closely with DIMO business users to engage them in the business architecture journey.

DIMO’s users validated our capability models and we helped them build an investment roadmap.

Service Design and Requirements Definition

DIMO needed an externally facing governance function to provide services to other government agencies. This required the design and delivery of a work management system. We defined the business requirements for this target-state system, showcasing our experience in service design and delivery management.

We applied our extensive knowledge of customer relationship management and service management capabilities to deliver a work management tool that met DIMO’s needs.

We also assisted DIMO establish the service delivery side of its new governance function by developing its products & services catalogues.

The Benefits

DIMO is fully operational and supported in its success by the right capabilities, services and operating model. DIMO now provides oversight of major ICT projects within government agencies.

We provided invaluable assistance to the DTA in delivering this important transformational project by applying proven business architecture and service design methods.

Off the back of this successful engagement, DIMO engaged E&A to develop a data management strategy and build a data management solution. We also leveraged our expertise to define the business requirements for future systems, continuing our investment in DIMO’s success.

DIMO was established on time, on budget and to both DIMO and DTA’s satisfaction.